Coaching to help you

Eradicate Passivity.

Build Purpose.

Personal coaching to help you become the man God designed you to be at work, with family, and as a son.





Too Many Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation. Life Compass coaching helps initiate your journey to eradicate passivity and build purpose in your life.

Helping you Live an

Integrated Life

Work, Family, and Sonship

Leadership is life and should not be extracted from it. You desire to be the same person no matter where you are or who you are with – operating with the same values, living the same virtues, and pursuing the same purpose.

Life Compass Coaching helps you powerfully live an integrated life.


Life Compass

Initial review and written feedback on your Life Compass.

Coaching Calls

Three months of bi-weekly coaching zoom calls.


Open email communication and periodic check-ins by phone.

Eradicate Passivity and build purpose with Brett Powell.

With Brett, you can lean on a coach whose only agenda is helping you succeed at work, strengthening your family and deepening your relationship with God the Father. This empowers you to leverage experience, systems, and frameworks that will radically change your life while pursuing the man God designed you to be.

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Life Compass Coaching

With Brett Powell
$ 1,500 For 3 Months
  • Initial review and written feedback of your Life Compass.
  • Bi-weekly 1h zoom call.
  • Open email communications.
  • Periodic phone conversations.

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