Introduction to The Workshop Retreat

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Workshop Retreat for Catholic Men

Several months ago, Brett Powell shared a simple but powerful tool with business executives who guided him in his leadership journey as a professional and family man for the past 20 years. Brett calls it his Life Compass. Several executives who heard the presentation wanted to hear more, “I have never seen such intentional integration of one’s personal and professional lives.” Brett and his son, Jacob, are now bringing this to the broader Catholic community. If you are a Catholic man leading at work and home, this Workshop Retreat is for you.

This day-long event is dedicated to helping you eradicate passivity and build a stronger sense of well-rounded purpose. You will benefit from the practical guidance of a workshop and the spiritual enrichment of a retreat to help develop a compelling vision of a life worth pursuing. The Workshop Retreat includes a full day of content, a follow-up mastermind meeting, a private group chat, time for personal prayer, and the opportunity to receive the sacraments. Also, written and digital materials, snacks and coffee throughout the day and a full hot lunch to restore your energy.

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