Workshop Retreat

Calgary, AB

April 2024 | 8 AM - 4 PM

Early Bird Ends November 8th, 2023

Eradicate Passivity.

Build Purpose.

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Too Many Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation

The pain is universal and increasing. 

You can hear it in honest moments of self-reflection:

Deeper Than The Struggle is Your Identity.

A Workshop Retreat to eradicate passivity

Who's it for?

Catholic Men.

Catholic men who want to live and lead from a grounded sense of identity, calling, and purpose or men who feel stuck trying to find the next right step.

Why attend?

To gain clarity.

To fellowship with other like-minded men, encounter God as Father, clarify your personal values, determine your eulogy virtues, identify your key relationships, experience renewed sense of purpose, and to create a LifeCompass on paper that will guide you in the future.   

What to expect?

Actionable and practical steps.

This day is a practical workshop and a Christ-centered retreat. You can expect to be inspired and equipped in a workshop setting. You can expect to encounter God the Father in prayer and sacrament. You can expect to return home and to the office with a new vision for your life.   

What will I get?

Teachings, silence, and fellowship.

A full day of content. Follow-up mastermind meeting. Time for personal prayer and the opportunity to receive the sacraments. Written and digital materials. Snacks and coffee throughout the day and a full hot lunch to restore your energy and help you enjoy the day with other like-minded men. 

Where is it?

Calgary, AB

Venue to be decided.

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I am pleased to welcome the Life Compass Workshop Retreat to the Diocese of Saskatoon. I hope many men are strengthened as leaders at work and home.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen

Bishop for the Diocese of Saskatoon.

Brett is a natural leader and gifted teacher. He has a noble desire to help others deepen their level of self-awareness and flourish in all facets of life. I have benefited from Brett’s counsel and recognize that his teaching, coaching, consulting, and leadership skills come from a place of intimate connection with the One who alone can satisfy our deepest longings and give our life purpose and meaning. I wholeheartedly recommend Brett Powell and the Life Compass program because of his impeccable professional acumen, teaching charism, and leadership gifts. I hope this program will equip more men to live highly intentional and fruitful lives at work and in the home.

Bishop Christian Riesbeck

Bishop for the Diocese of Saint John

Develop a compelling vision worth pursuing

This practical and guided workshop retreat will help you eradicate passivity in your life so you can become who you were designed to be.

I have the privilege of working with business executives across different industries and Brett Powell is one of the best and most well-respected leaders I have ever met.  What makes Brett exceptional is that he consistently lives and leads from a place of deep connection to what matters most – his values, his purpose, his legacy, and key relationships. I can think of no one better than Brett to guide men through the process of discovering what matters most in their life and to consistently live their values and purpose. If you are looking for more clarity, passion, and meaning, then Brett’s Build Your Life Compass workshop will make a big difference in your life.

Tim Dumas

COO Jak’s, Mackay CEO Forum, Certified Forum Chair

What is the Life Compass?

A practical guide built for eternal goals.


Featured on

Way of The Heart Podcast

Hosts Jake Khym and Brett Powell

Ep 122 – Life Compass (Part 1) | Values, Virtues, Purpose & Key Relationships

Ep 123 – Life Compass (Part 2) | Values, Virtues, Purpose & Key Relationships

I find it very easy to provide a reference for Brett Powell. I have known Brett in a variety of capacities for over two decades. I have seen him operate as a leader in many contexts – in both evangelical and pastoral ministry, as a facilitator, in meetings, fundraising, coaching, consulting, and over the past couple of years, even in parenting. What strikes me most of all is that Brett is the same man, the same leader, no matter where he is or who he is with. I see him living and leading with the same strength of character, personality, demeanor, and high degree of intentionality at work and at home. I can’t think of a better guide for men to develop their own plans for living an intentional, integrated life. I sincerely hope and pray that many men will commit to the Life Compass program as I am certain it will bear immense fruit in their lives.

Bishop Scott McCaig

Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada

Eternal and Practical

Initiate your journey to eradicate passivity and build purpose in your life.


Register for the workshop retreat in your city.


Build your Life Compass on paper at the workshop retreat.

Follow Up

Engage in one of the follow-up opportunities offered at the workshop retreat.

I have the privilege of serving alongside Brett on a day-to-day basis. I have seen firsthand his ability to navigate challenging situations with wisdom, provide thoughtful insight to friends and colleagues, and set a high standard of excellence through his own actions – in other words, leadership. I met Brett several years ago when he supported me through a pivotal moment in my life and he has accompanied me through many highs and lows since. I have come to trust him as a brother-in-arms and his friendship has inspired me to become a better man. I would strongly recommend both Brett and the Life Compass program and have no doubt that anyone who commits and engages in this retreat workshop will see an enormous benefit in all areas of life.

Sean O’Brien

Chief Financial Officer, Archdiocese of Vancouver

Deeper Than the Struggle is Your Sonship

God had something very good in mind when He created you. You were created on purpose and born for such a time as this.

This workshop will help you re-discover who you were always meant to be and begin to discern the impact God wants you to make in this world, in your world.  


8:00 am

Doors Open

8:30 am

Welcome and Overview of the Day

8:45 am

Session #1: Encountering the Father (Chapel)

9:45 am


10:00 am

Session #2: The Foundational Principles

11:30 pm

Lunch and Confessions

1:00 Pm

Session #3: Priorities and Presence

2:30 Pm


2:45 Pm

Session #4: Introducing the Quarterly PlayBook

3:45 Pm

Warm Up

4:00 Pm


Life Compass Workshop Retreat

Your Workshop Retreat Includes
$ 219* *Watch for Early Bird Pricing
  • Full Workshop Day
  • Opportunity for 1 on 1 coaching
  • Take home workbook
  • Sacraments & prayer time
  • Hot lunch
  • Snacks and coffee


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